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FRIENDS December 2017

01 december 2017

Here she is, FRIENDS December 2017, contactletter number 61. We remember Siny Bootsma, honorary president of the Foundation Friends of Nazareth and students tell about their study and life. Download FRIENDS here in the digital edition.
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Siny Bootsma passed away

03 october 2017

Siny Bootsma, honorary president of the Foundation Friends of Nazareth passed away on Sunday 1 October 2017. She was a striking personality, energetic and lively. Founder of the Foundation she was president from 1985 until 2008. For her services in these 23 years she was award honorary presidency.
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FRIENDS June 2017

06 june 2017

Students report in the new contactletter, number 60, FRIENDS, June 2017. Two loans are paid back and the board is preparing a visit in october to meet students and the board of Sana Foundation.
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Annual Report 2016

11 may 2017

Proud to present you Annual Report 2016. Friends, donors and supporting funds, can read here about the progress students made and about our activities in the past year. Board and our Palestinian students thank you
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Happy New Year January 2017

03 januari 2017

A Happy New Year to our students and friends in Israel and in the Netherlands, our sponsors and last but not least our partner NGO in Israel Sana Foundation. We do thank you, also on behalf of the students and graduates in Israel, for your financial and moral support, that the 'Foundation Friends of Nazareth' did receive in 2016.
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FRIENDS December 2016

30 december 2016

FRIENDS, December 2016, the contactletter of the Foundation 'Vrienden van Nazareth' nr. 59, is out. In September 2016, an amount of €1,014,269,- had been spent on scholarships since the project started in 1990. In this English Edition you can follow our students directly.
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FRIENDS June 2016

05 juli 2016

In FRIENDS, our Contactletter, students report directly. Read here the recent stories of Abdallah, Afra, Ala'a, Amina, Rasha and Noor.
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Annual Report 2015

01 march 2016

Here we present our Annual Report, the 20th Edition. Friends, donors and supporting funds, read about the progress students made and about our activities in the past year. Download the report on the website.
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Happy New Year

31 december 2015

The board members of the Foundation Friends of Nazareth wish all of you a Happy New Year and are pleased to inform you of the expansion of the board. From 1 January 2016 Amin Ghazal is our new chairman. He would like to introduce himself.
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FRIENDS December 2015

10 december 2015

FRIENDS december 2015, the contactletter of the foundation, number 57, is out. Download it here and read directly about the new and important topics for the foundation in the past six months.
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