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FRIENDS December 2016

30 december 2016

FRIENDS, December 2016, the contactletter of the Foundation 'Vrienden van Nazareth' nr. 59, is out. In September 2016, an amount of €1,014,269,- had been spent on scholarships since the project started in 1990. In this English Edition you can follow our students directly.
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FRIENDS June 2016

05 juli 2016

In FRIENDS, our Contactletter, students report directly. Read here the recent stories of Abdallah, Afra, Ala'a, Amina, Rasha and Noor.
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Annual Report 2015

01 march 2016

Here we present our Annual Report, the 20th Edition. Friends, donors and supporting funds, read about the progress students made and about our activities in the past year. Download the report on the website.
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Happy New Year

31 december 2015

The board members of the Foundation Friends of Nazareth wish all of you a Happy New Year and are pleased to inform you of the expansion of the board. From 1 January 2016 Amin Ghazal is our new chairman. He would like to introduce himself.
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FRIENDS December 2015

10 december 2015

FRIENDS december 2015, the contactletter of the foundation, number 57, is out. Download it here and read directly about the new and important topics for the foundation in the past six months.
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Lively conversation between Friends of the Foundation

12 november 2015

On 31 October last 35 interested Friends (sponsors) of the Foundation Vrienden van Nazareth met in Tilburg to commemorate its 30th anniversary. At the start of this meeting Rens Kessener, treasurer, held a memorial speech for the deceased chairman Willem Arts, who led the Foundation until 7 August 2015. The item on the agenda was ‘The future and continuity of the scholarship project’.
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In Memoriam Willem Arts

20 augustus 2015

Last Thursday, august 13, we had to say goodbye to Willem Arts, chair of our foundation Friends of Nazareth. Willem joined the board as chairman in January 2009 in succession to Siny Bootsma.In that very year he visited Israel as member of a delegation of the board. He was deeply impressed. As he mentioned himself: “Despite the big confrontation I feel rich that I was able to make this trip. I am grateful to all people I have met and the way they shared their daily lives with me.” We experienced Willem as a very good chairman.
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Life in Palestine: a talk by Ali and Jeanne Aouda Zbidat

23 juli 2015

Jeanne Aouda studied law at Hebrew University in Jeruzalem and works as a legal adviser for Addameer. Her father, Ali Zbidat, lives in Sakhnin, in the north of Israël.
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FRIENDS June 2015

17 june 2015

In FRIENDS, our Contactletter, students report directly. Download FRIENDS here and read the recent stories of Ala'a, Sineen, Noor and other students.
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Jafar Farah, contactperson of the foundation visits The Netherlands

20 may 2015

Jafar Farah was in Brussels, Berlin and The Hague to talk about the implications of the election in Israel for the Palestinian.
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