"After finishing school, I've started to work as a social worker. Both working with mentally ill patients and physically ill patients, I've experienced the amazing bond between body and soul and the strong connection between them".

June 2019

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Rasha continues:

As a social worker, I get to help people connect with their strengths and inner powers in order to empower them and help them cope with their mental or physical illness. I really love my job; I believe everyday is a beautiful day to save souls not only bodies."


I'm really happy to hear that you guys are keeping the amazing work and help more and more passionate students to succeed!


Rasha about her job now

After finishing my MA and becoming a Social Worker; I've been working in a hospital for the past couple of years. I'm still working partly in the Psychiatry in the Research Department tho.

As part of my work in the Psychiatry Researches I've worked with mentally ill patients for many years, trying to help them cope with their illness and with the society stigma about them. After finishing my research about cultural differences, I now research the way they experience the family/society stigma about them and about their illness.

As part of my work in the Hospital with physically ill people I've experienced a whole other level of reality. As part of being a social worker, I try to help people cope with new health diagnosis or helping them and their families in the crisis of a hospitalization.



Is the objective of the Foundation Friends of Nazareth.

By awarding grants to primarily female Palestinian students these are given the opportunity to go to university or college in Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem en Beer Sheva.

The initiative was taken by the Foundation in 1989 as young female Palestinians can difficultly apply for scholarships in their own country.

Our organisation wants, in this way, to help find a peaceful solution to this, seemingly, unsolvable conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.


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06 june 2019

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Annual Report 2018

08 march 2019

Here we present again our Annual Report. To inform you about important developments in 2018 and the activities of the board in the past year.


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07 december 2018

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