Friends of Nazareth: its origins 

In 1980 members of the student parish Maranatha in Tilburg made the first contacts with Palestinian Christians and Muslims in Nazareth, the largest Palestinian-Arab town in Israel.

This was the basis for the Foundation Friends of Nazareth, started in 1985.

Since then ‘Friends of Nazareth’ have called for attention and support to the Palestinian ‘minority’ among the Israeli citizens.

Many of those involved then, by now ex-parishioners of Maranatha and members of the Ecumenical Grassroots group Tilburg, are still a ‘Friend’ and donor to the scholarship project.

The foundation’ Friends of Nazareth’ is an independent, nationally operating NGO having an ANBI status since 2005. Read here the Annual Report 2021

Peacefull solution 

Both organisations wants, in this way, to help find a peaceful solution to this, seemingly, unsolvable conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.


Over the years the Foundation has found out a lot about the ‘other’ Israel. This implies that we want to show how the ‘democratic’ state of Israel infringes on the rights of one in five of its citizens in many domains of social life. This is also why for all these years the Foundation has exerted itself for this group, generally disregarded.

In 1989 the Foundation took the first steps towards the start of the scholarship project.

Nazareth’ is the name given to the Foundation as a symbol of the well over 1.5 million Palestinian citizens of Israel, 20% of the overall population.

2021: Phasing-out of Stichting Vrienden van Nazareth


You read that correctly, by the end of 2021 the Stichting Vrienden van Nazareth will cease its work. By then we will be responsible for one student only, Saida. She has been informed of the dissolution of the Stichting and knows that SANA Foundation will take over her coaching. We will stand surety for the remainder of her grants. This December the last Friends will be published with content looking back on our history.

During the Board meeting in the spring of 2022 a formal decision will be taken after which all formal business will be completed via the Chamber of Commerce and the ANBI (cf. Public Benefit Organization) status will be abolished.


Our Friends

Your contributions together with the large donations of organizations have enabled the aims of the Stichting, the scholarship program and publicity about The Other Israel during the past 35 years. We are very grateful to you. We are pleased that SANA Foundation, our partner NGO having the same objective as our Stichting, has come

into being over the past few years. Thanks to the great efforts of an active and trustworthy Board our common goal, higher education for young Palestinian women, will remain intact. Friends who made a multi-annual pledge until after 2021 will be

personally informed about the implications.

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Diashow diptyches

'Palestinian women, empower their future'

Gerdien Wolthaus Paauw



December 2021


Annual report 2021


Palestinian women

by Fatmeh Kassem


Policy Plan 2020-2022




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Fundraising for the scholarship project


Report about "the other Israel" via FRIENDS contactletter since 1989.