Ala’a, Third year Sociology and Anthropology in Haifa  

Writing my impression always gives me the chance to look at what happened during the recent months and to reflect on it; having this chance is a great bless, I believe. Because, in our modern times we can rarely find time to think of things that happened and to collect ourselves. Therefore, if I have a thing to say this time, it would be that I am always going through this process of learning, especially when the university constantly exposes you to new opportunities.

During the last semester, I have had the opportunity to meet with Mrs. Hana Mansour, who works in the social department at the municipality of Haifa. We met several times and she introduced me to others whom considered being social activists. I have listened to them and had interviews with some of them about their activities. It delights me now as much as it did before, to know about several people who do these activities as their voluntary work, which they had been doing for a long time in Haifa and for the sake of the people there, such as arranging activities for the local nursing home, arranging art performances and so on. One of the things that I have learned during my interviews with them is that: one cannot believe that our reality can change without having faith in the fact that people are created good. As for my studies, I am trying to find connections all the time, between what I learn theoretically and between what the daily life experience has to offer me as a human being. I have a deep desire to do something with the theoretical knowledge that I gain through my academic studies. By this, I mean, to reflect on my individual/collective reality. Otherwise, what is the point –for us as youth- of our academic studies, if it is not for the sake of the good of our parents, beloved ones and our communities?



Finally, I thank all the members of the board for their constant support and respect. For that, I shall be grateful as long as I live on this earth. I also wish my other female fellows good luck, both in their studies and their personal self-development.

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