Board, goal and method 

The board of the Foundation consists of three members: Amin Ghazal, chairman, Els Schots, secretary, and Hanneke Heisterkamp, treasurer. Rens Kessener left the board in December 2017 because of health problems. He passed away on Friday 9 March 2018.

The mission of the Foundation, to enable young Palestinian women to study in their own country, is very dear to him. Knowledge and education are essential in his view. For him this goes not only for his daughters, but also for all young Palestinian women.

Amin was asked by the board to be their chairman. As a Friend he has been known to Friends of Nazareth for many years.

Amin is a contract specialist in the energy sector.

He is married with two daughters. Amin is the successor of Willem Arts who died in August 2015.

Goal of the foundation

To allow Palestinian youngsters, preferable women, to study in their own country by means of scholarships. To draw attention to and ask support for the Palestinian minority in Israel.



The board meets every two months. Its main activities are fundraising for the scholarship project, keeping close contact with the students, the board of the Sana Foundation, and the contacts in Israel. FRIENDS, the newsletter for ‘Friends ‘ and benefactors of the Foundation, is published every six months. Our audited annual report is published round about 1 March, the issues of FRIENDS and the website are the media used by the foundation to go public. Thus it continues to draw attention to and ask support for the Palestinian minority in Israel.

The board also organizes meetings of Friends on a regular basis. Each meeting has a relevant theme and offers a fine opportunity to discuss the Palestinian students and their study progress, their position in academic and higher education in Israel, and their prospects.

ANBI and Chamber of Commerce

Foundation Friends of Nazareth is a so called ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling). Fiscal number: 816038375.

Therefor, your donation is deductable from Dutch taxes if the total of donation in a year is more then 1% of your total income or there is a private deed between you and the foundation that describes your donation.

The statutes of the Foundation, set up 26 November 1985, are registered with the Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce) in Tilburg. (RSIN: 41096728)



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