Lobna in 2013

‘I am passionate about my work as a lawyer, but also about professional volleyball.

There are similarities

between them: ‘To work together as a team, to stay

focused all the time, and not to give up even when you are at

the point of exhaustion.

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A portrait of a series of dyptiches 'Palestinian women, empower their future' by Gerdien Wolthaus Paauw Order here



Lobna continues: 'In my work as a lawyer I am involved in the cultural and

architectural history of properties in Tel Aviv. This gives me a lot of insight and

knowledge in the development of the city, which once had large Arabic communities/

neighborhoods that now almost have disappeared/vanished'.



Lobna opened last year a small own

Office and is experiencing a new

professional world.

In the past year, I was appointed Capitan

of my Volleyball team in Tel Aviv. We have

reached an extraordinary achievement

and finished in the quarterfinals (first time

for the club). It was hard work that was full

of tremendous excitement.

The Friends of Nazareth Foundation has a

great part of my development, not only

via the Scholarship program, but also by

the amazing and inspiring people that put

together this great Foundation throw the

years, and that are constantly working

with us on building our (local) Sana

Foundation. Although the obstacles, I

have to doubt that this great and important

project will eventually succeed.

As the world is going crazy, we need to

recognize our power and do everything

we can to bring equality and peace in our



Is the objective of the Foundation Friends of Nazareth.

By awarding grants to primarily female Palestinian students these are given the opportunity to go to university or college in Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem en Beer Sheva.The initiative was taken by the Foundation as young Palestinians can difficultly apply for scholarships in their own country.

FRIENDS December 2017

01 december 2017

Here she is, FRIENDS December 2017, contactletter number 61. We remember Siny Bootsma, honorary president of the Foundation Friends of Nazareth and students tell about their study and life. Download FRIENDS here in the digital edition.


Siny Bootsma passed away

03 october 2017

Siny Bootsma, honorary president of the Foundation Friends of Nazareth passed away on Sunday 1 October 2017. She was a striking personality, energetic and lively. Founder of the Foundation she was president from 1985 until 2008. For her services in these 23 years she was award honorary presidency.


FRIENDS June 2017

06 june 2017

Students report in the new contactletter, number 60, FRIENDS, June 2017. Two loans are paid back and the board is preparing a visit in october to meet students and the board of Sana Foundation.


Annual Report 2016

11 may 2017

Proud to present you Annual Report 2016. Friends, donors and supporting funds, can read here about the progress students made and about our activities in the past year. Board and our Palestinian students thank you