Kareen, biologist and medical scientist 

Trees Kosterman interviewed Kareen, SANA Foundation gave the financial support and coaching thanks to funds provided by the Stichting Vrienden van Nazareth.


Kareen (22) was a student at Haifa University. She applied for a scholarship for the second and third year of her studies. Kareen had wanted to do medicines, but, so she says, I fainted at the sight of blood, which is why I chose these subjects. Kareen passed her Bachelor and is considering her future. She is in doubt whether to go into teaching or scientific research.

That is why she will take a job now and enroll in a master’s course later. As a result of the grant, she was able to finish her studies within three years, whereas most students graduate after 4 or 5 years of studying. There was no need for her to do a job and so she could make long days studying. Kareen is the

eldest in a single parent family of six children. The family lives at subsistence level. Without our support Kareen would probably not have been able to finish her studies.

Interesting work

The activity was very interesting and challenging and I was always waiting for the next meeting to continue, support and also help with everything needed. In this case, I helped the student with accessing all kinds of materials, she is studying for a master's degree and not receiving Social Security assistance, needed someone to copy her presentations in the Word document, and pass on things from pdf to word. Without this access, the student is stuck because she has a seminar and needs to read all of these papers. And of course, I accompanied her with everything she needed, and I really helped her even when I wasn't volunteering because it's hard to see her unhappy and no one to help her, so I asked her to always ask me and I would do her utmost to help her with anything needed.


Concerning my volunteering work

Whenever I have to describe my feelings, I face tremendous difficulty, because every time I get excited, and I start to think with myself, do we really need something that will require us to contribute and help? Why not offer help without a commitment or work? If I were misplaced what would I feel? These are people who are intelligent, they are only with visual disturbances. Why shouldn't we do our part to help them cope with this challenge? Really, I write excitedly to tears, because my volunteering at this place has brought me to all sorts of things that invite me to think deeply about how I will continue to participate. The student has no words to always tell me I'm her eyes and only this sentence says a lot of things. Obviously, next year, I have to find myself the time to continue my contribution in this place and even try to recruit more friends to be partners in the very important human thing.

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