Narrative histories & gendered memory 

'An alternative view on examining the complex intersection of gender, nationalism and citizenship in a situation of on-going violent political conflict'.

This book is the first to examine and document the gendered memory and narrative histories of ordinary urban Palestinian women from Lyd and Ramleh, who witnessed the events of 1948 and subsequently became involuntary citizens of the State of Israel. Told in their own words, these experiences serve as a window for examining the complex intersection of gender, nationalism and citizenship in a situation of on-going violent political conflict. Known in Palestinian discourse as the 'Naqbah', or 'Catastrophe', these events of 60 years ago still have a powerful legacy in contemporary Palestinian-Jewish relations in the State of Israel.

About Fatmeh Kassem 

Fatma Kassem is a historian and received her PhD at the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Beer Sheva, Israel in 2006. She teaches history at a Palestinian secondary school.

Research and analyse

Her thesis describes the testimonies of 37 Palestinian women during the Nakba in 1948 putting them in a academic sociological perspective.

She analyses why these 'voices' in the past 60 years have not been heard, and links this to the systematic repression of historical facts and events in Israel in general.

In 2007-2008 she was a participant of a research programme ‘Europe in the Middle East/ The Middle East in Europe (EUME).'

Fatmeh Kassem also is a committee member of ‘Zochrot’, an organization whose objective is the lasting commemoration of the Nakba in 1948. Fatmeh gained practical experience in conflict management in discussion groups of Palestinian and Jewish women in Israel.


A popular version of her thesis ‘Palestinian Women’ was published in 2011 by ZED Books Londen and chosen as book of the month by 'Palestine’, an Israeli newspaper.

Fatmeh Kassem in Amsterdam 


In 2011 Fatmeh Kassem was at the ABC Treehouse in Amsterdam and in The Hague because of the book launch of 'Palestinian Women'. The author was invitated by the foundation "Vrienden van Nazareth", she is one of our contacts in Israel. The foundation supported the author with a gift and a loan to translate and publish her thesis in English by ZED Books London.

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