Nada, 4th and last year English in Orogat 

In my volunteering work in the Salman High School I help stressed pupils become better at using the English language. I concentrate on their weak spots and work on them. I use a lot of teaching tools and techniques as possible to get them to reach their full potential.


I think this volunteering work that I do benefits me more than it benefits others. I have had so many things changing, with my mind, my heart and the way I interact with students. I have grown more patient and more mature since I've started volunteering. I have grown and changed a lot as a person. I've become more open and more resilient than the first few days in which I started.


I changed educationally as well. I have become quite comfortable and unpressured thanks to the scholarship. Although I still do face alot of difficulties till this day.

Regarding the difficulties i am facing. As you may have heard, the war between Palestinians and Israelis is at its peak right now. Muslim Arabs like me are facing hate everywhere they go. Two weeks ago, an Israeli soldier ran over a bunch of Palestinians setting on the boarder using his tracktor, he ended up killing a 7 year old boy. The view of the boy's bashed skull and his dangling body haunts me at night. I do not know if this war will ever end.

The bombing and the killing that is going on is so horrifying.

All I know is that wish for peace and solutions. I hope it will be better in the near future

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