New developments in Sana Foundation 

Since December 2017 the Sana Foundation, our partner organization in Israel, has met an enthusiastic coach in Trees Kosterman, a contact of ours for many years. Four new board members, were officially installed last November. This is a major achievement as the process of legal regulation of administrative and financial matters is not an uncomplicated one for a Palestinian NGO. Trees wrote us about this development, read here


New board members of Sana Foundation with Trees (standing right) and from left to right Ruud, Sanaa, Abeer and Mysoon. Lana took the picture.

Academic Women Together 

Sana’s vision is that each Palestinian Arab woman in Israel should be given the opportunity to attend an institution of higher education or a university. Its main activity is the issuing of grants to female Arab students and raising awareness within society of the importance of higher education for Arab women.

At this moment, June 2019, four students are accepted in Sana’s scholarship program. They received the first payment for their scholarship this year.

Our efforts are all directed towards the working and continuity of the Scholarship-project. The responsibility, that our Board had for the project during 30 years, will gradually transfer to the new Board of SANA Foundation. In our view this is the only way, that this opportunity of support to Palestinian female-students for higher education within their own country can be secured in the future. This education is offered at institutions in a.o. Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, Nazareth and Beer Sheva. Through the letters and e-mails, that we received also in 2019, we are assured, that the students, during and certainly after completion of their studies, are indeed developing their own future and that of their country.


What's in a name

Sana is the Arab word for ‘the Light’ and the letters as such are stand for ‘Academic Women Together'. This name was given to the foundation at its constituent meeting on 14 February 2009.


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