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Two boards meet via Zoom

10 augustus 2021

Last Sunday, August 8, the boards of SANA Foundation and our Foundation met together to discuss the timeline, completion and transfer of the scholarship project. The SANA Foundation, our partner NGO in Israel for some years now, for example, has selected nine students and made agreements about the loan.
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Friends June 2021

03 juli 2021

FRIENDS, the contactletter, number 68, is out. Read directly about the new and important topics of Vrienden van Nazareth and SANA Foundation in the past six months.
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Annual Report 2020

01 march 2021

An audited annual report is published round about 1 March. Read here Annual Report 2020
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FRIENDS December 2020

09 december 2020

FRIENDS December 2020 is edited, number 67 of the Contactletters of Friends of Nazareth. The students, strong women, report directly about their study and life with Covid-19. Read about SANA FOUNDATION
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Change in chairmanship

31 october 2020

On 25th 2020 chairman Amin Ghazal, after five years will now wield his chairman’s hammer to Wil Verheggen. Wil accepted the task without any hesitation saying: “I know your objectives;
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FRIENDS June 2020

03 june 2020

June 2020 and our Contactletter, FRIENDS number 66 is edited. Read here the latest half-yearly impressions by the students.They tell about their study and their student life with Covid-19.
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Annual report 2019

08 march 2020

As every spring here we present our Annual Report. To inform you about important developments in 2019 and the activities of the board in the past year. Read about the progress the board of Sana Foundation made.
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Policy Plan 2020-2022

15 januari 2020

Edited in the first week of Januar you can read now the new Policy Plan of Stichting Vrienden van Nazareth.
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FRIENDS December 2019

13 december 2019

FRIENDS December 2019, the new contactletter number 65 is edited. You can receive your own copy by becoming a 'Friend' of the foundation 'Stichting Vrienden van Nazareth'.
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FRIENDS June 2019

06 june 2019

FRIENDS June 2019 contactletter number 64. Read here about Sana Foundation, our NGO in Israel and the students experiences and results.
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Annual report 2020


Palestinian women

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