more then one million euro  

In September 2016, an amount of €1,014,269,- had been spent on scholarships since the project started in 1990. The number of scholarships is 296, granted to Ola, Safaa, Marlen, Jeanne and Rozan and many other students with names equally beautiful.

They now work as nurses, physicians and dentists, teachers, accountants or lawyers. It is not possible to work out the exact amount: a scholarship now is € 3,500,- but in the early years of the project also smaller amounts were granted.

Photo above: in 2008 Rania finished her study as first Bedouin doctor.



However, it is a milestone, a random indication, we take pride in. Yet we also look ahead and count on your enthusiasm to contribute towards scholarships for Palestinian students in Israel in 2017 and donate:

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