Riad and Hanna Nasser 

Our first meeting with the Palestinian Riad Nasser was in the Netherlands. During the 1992 working visit in Tira the foundation was laid of the collaboration with Riad and his Jewish wife Hanna. Their personal experiences of and ideas on the coexistence of Jews and Palestinians in Israel confirmed us in our beliefs and they become our contacts.

Riad and Hanna got to know each other when studying film and drama. Together they organized trainings to acquaint Palestinian and Jewish youngsters and their families from Tira with each other. They have been our guests in Tilburg several times, we have met with Riad at Schiphol Airport, and he has been a regular contributor to the Contact letter.

In 1996 they went to live in America, where Riad did his doctoral research. After taking his degree they returned to Israel, but they were frustrated in finding permanent jobs. For this reason they returned to America with their two children, Adam (1980) and Irene (1982). We have kept in touch with them. Dr Riad Nasser works at Fairleigh Dickinson University as an Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology in Madison, USA.

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