Saida, 1e year Psychology and 

The thing that really pleased me is that

with the scholarship I received from you,

I focused more on studying at the

Ashkelon college instead of focusing on

work to collect money.

Her background

As a student whose mother tongue is Arabic, it was difficult for me to discuss

and speak fluently in the Hebrew language, but now I have become accustomed to, rather, I became the first to ask and answer in university lectures. Other than that, I live in the Negev, which is the south of the country. We are a large family of nine people without parents, the scholarship has supported me tremendously. I became

able to travel on buses, this matter is very easy for me and made me somewhat



Big changes

I have changed a lot from last year, I have become more responsible, and I rarely

find free time for the large amount of material that I have to study. The love for independence and dependence on myself increased greatly. I also did not imagine that I would have friends from outside my community, as I had many friends from the Jewish and Christian faiths. My outlook on life has changed, I have discovered that success needs a lot of fatigue and time of patience, I want to focus more and more on my studies and even reach full marks.


Plans after corona

I aspire for a lot. I have many beautiful ideas. I am thinking that I volunteer at the

Surka Hospital in the neighboring city in Beer-Sheba. I am thinking that I learn the

Russian language as I have always wanted to learn it. Vaccination was a new experience for everyone. Although many people tried to make me wary, I let it do it and so did the majority of people.

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