SANA Foundation our partner 

SANA Foundation is our partner NGO in Israel. Its aim is to award scholarships to Palestinian students, the same principles as those of the Stichting.

SANA is the Arab word for ‘the Light’ and the letters as such stand in Arabic for ‘Academic Women Together'. This name was given to the foundation at its constituent meeting on 14 February 2009.


Trees Kosterman wrote:

Covid-19 has a big impact also in Israel. All university students, so also the students in our programme, make use of e-learning for their lectures. Most of our students are not able to meet the obligation of volunteering as many institutions have been closed a result of the lockdown or being in quarantine.


The students

We are now the ones responsible for the mental guidance and financial support of nine students in our own scholarship programme. In the past few months, we have accepted four new students. We are very grateful to the Stichting Vrienden van Nazareth and the

Stichting Lavra Netofa. Their financial contributions enabled us to select these students and guarantee them grants for the duration of their studies.


The board

The SANA board currently consists of five members. They do whatever it takes to continue and develop the SANA Foundation. Recently Raghida MiaraZbidaten and Khulud Furani. The latter is a former colleague of mine and a person very much interested in the work of Sana. Together with Ruud Kronenberg, Sanaa Azizi and myself the board is now

complete. Unfortunately, due to Corona restrictions we haven’t been able to meet in person and so we inform each other by WhatsApp and Zoom. We hope that this period so difficult for everybody will soon come to an end, so that we go about our business as usual.


The tasks

The framework of our website is finished, and Ruud is now developing the content. Me and Raghida work together closely. She is fluent in both Arabic and Hebrew and assists me with all matters concerning administration, banking and refunding by students.

Mr. Rashid Miari is our new accountant. He lives in Sakhnin, also my residence,

which makes our collaboration a lot easier. I know Rashid to be a trustworthy and able accountant with good contacts in the world of banks and organisations. Although we offered to pay him for his work for SANA Foundation, Rashid told us he wants to do this as a volunteer. Of course, we are very pleased with that.


The financial future

A quarter part of the total scholarship issued by the Vrienden van Nazareth is a loan. The repayments of these loans will be credited to the bank account of SANA Foundation. The board are examining strategies and opportunities to do their own fundraising.


On behalf of SANA Foundation, we wish you readers much health

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