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SANA Foundation is our partner NGO in Israel. Its aim is to award scholarships to Palestinian students, the same principles as those of the Stichting. The current board of the SANA Foundation has been working closely with Friends Nazareth since 2017.


SANA is the Arab word for ‘the Light’ and the letters as such stand in Arabic for ‘Academic Women Together'. This name was given to the foundation at its constituent meeting on 14 February 2009.

Agreements have been made with the last two students of Friends Nazareth. At the start of their studies, their supervision has been transferred to SANA and their scholarship is guaranteed.



As Prof. Ruud Kronenberg, boardmember of SANA Foundation wrote:"Fundraising is one of our priorities. Building on the highly appreciated donations from The Netherlands we are creating a network of our own and having with various donor organizations. We owe a lot to the Vrienden van Nazareth, our coaches, from whom we have learnt a lot. We hope that private donors in The Netherlands will continue to support us in the future. At this point we are in the middle of a transition period to

become an autonomous NGO. This academic year we will support the first student solely with our own financial means."




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