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The Sana Foundation is a partner of the Foundation Friends of Nazareth in Israel. Their aim is similar to that of the Foundation: awarding grants to Palestinian female students. In the past year the focus of the Board of our Foundation lay on the future and further development of SANA Foundation, our NGO-partner in Israel. The working-visit in December 2017 has given us a lot of inspiration and starting points, that we could work with in 2018. A part of their funds come from the repayment of loans previously granted by the Foundation Friends of Nazareth.

Women Issues in higher education  

On 5 October 2013 the Sana Foundation organized its first conference 'Women Issues in higher education '. Statistics show a big difference in the numbers of Palestinian students and pupils and Jewish ones. It is much more difficult for Palestinian students and pupils to achieve the educational levels required.

There is an urgent appeal to focus on very young children and to reflect on education from a broad perspective.

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Volunteering is on the agenda after lunch. There is a keen interest in this issue: students and also the mothers of some of them participate in an animated and sometimes even heated debate. Doing voluntary work is one of the terms of the contract between student and the Foundation.

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