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In 1980 founders of the Foundation are touched by the great unequality for Palestinians in their own country. They searched for opportunities to support young Palestinians. Therefore they took in 1989, after raising up the Foundation Friends of Nazareth in 1985, this year 30 years ago, the initiative for a scholarship project in order to promote peace and emancipation in Israel. In that year, for the first time, a Palestinian student studied with the help of a scholarship.

Meanwhile, more than 130 students in Israel studied at the universities of Haifa, Tel Aviv, Nazareth, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva.

Religion is not a selection criterion

In the granting of scholarships the foundation does not use religion as a selection criterion. Both, Christian and Muslim students, participate in the scholarship project.


Women and men

The Foundation gives priority to women. After their study they remain mostly to live and work in their own country in education, health and legal services.


Bedouin students

Since 1997 also students from the Bedouin communities of the Negev study with a scholarship from the Foundation. Medicine, physiotherapy and health sciences are favorite. The objective of the scholarship project for this group of students is dedicated to promote the health of these socially strongly retarded population. Girls face in the Bedouin community for cultural reasons a double discrimination, that is as a Palestinian and as a woman.


In 2016 nine students receive a scholarship. Two of them are selected this year by Sana Foundation. Read more in Annual Report 2016


What they study?

Nursing, medicine, dentistry, law, Arabic and educational sciences are the fields of study at the different universities in Israël.

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