Why no Israeli scholarships 

The reason is that young Palestinians are not entitled to a scholarship. They, young men and women, cannot do military service in Israel, and therefore their claim on an official Israeli grant is cancelled. Scholarships enable young Palestinians to go to university or college. Eligibility for a grant is based on capability, motivation, willingness to do voluntary work, and the financial situation of the student and her family.

Awarding grants is an instrument to contribute concretely to the mission of the Foundation: enabling young Palestinians to go to college and university in Israel, their own country.

According to the Foundation the participation of young Palestinians in higher education may contribute to the intellectual potential within the community itself and in the communication with their Jewish-Israeli peers.

Priority to women  

In its grant giving the Foundation gives priority to women. Palestinian young men having the option to study often do so at universities abroad. More grants are made available to them and they are given permission to travel abroad more easily. Moreover in Palestinian families - often large - a brother takes precedence over a sister where study is concerned. For this reason the Foundation supports women in particular by giving grants for studies within Israel. After graduation these women usually continue to live in their own country and start work in education, health care, or in the legal profession.


So far 130 students graduated on grants at the Universities of Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva.

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