Sukina, Second year Mathematics  

I have a lot of friends in the university, they are friendly and lovely people. I like spending time at Al-Najah- University every day I go to the library and I also serve the net to master my studies. I am very pleased with the teachers they are great and skilful. Sometimes I face problems because studying is very g=hard. And I do my best to solve the problems. I spend a lot of time teaching in HAS (where I volunteer). I improve my personal and social skills there I have a lot of friends and I enjoy teaching them.


I volunteer in teaching children who are poor educated and I teach them how to deal with others and their entertainment to get the highest scientific achievement, I’ am happy with this work, it is humanitarian work and it helps you to learn and teach children with learning, difficulties and makes you proud when you see the smile on their faces. I’m very patient with patience but I love it.

These photos above are in the Science Fair. At the first picture I took the certificate of appreciation and at the second picture we stood there with the Minister of Education.

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