Sukina, 4th year Mathematics 

In this semester, with e-learning and the online classes, it was useful for me, and I learned new information and subjects. On the positive side of this system, we learn in a comfortable and warm place in these cold climates and without much pressure,

but everything has its drawbacks, as there is injustice in monitoring grades, a little time during exams or assignments and very hard exams. And sometimes the

Internet is weak, or electricity is cut off. But we thank ourselves, however, that we passed the chapter with success, satisfactory grads, and gratitude for everything.


On the other hand, in this year, I got to know myself and understood my personality more, I was aware of what is going on around the world, read some books, got to know my colleagues more at the university, and learned about the LaTeX (which is one of the programming sites for writing scientific books). I only had a year left at the university and finished my studies. I plan for after university, first I will find a job to build myself and pay off your debt.


Volunteering work

As for volunteering, in most of this semester I wasn't able to go because of the quarantine in my opinion you have the greatest service for our community is to stay at home and maintain public health. In the first period of the second semester, I was participating in workshops. We received one of the visitors from Slovakia and we get acquainted with him and the Slovak culture. Then Corona came, and the workshops stopped. Volunteering work now is Human Supporters Association, a walk-in house/

community center. I go there and help in cleaning for four hours. The most thing that teaches me is patient.

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