Last Sunday, August 8, the boards of SANA Foundation and our Foundation met together to discuss the timeline, completion and transfer of the scholarship project. The SANA Foundation, our partner NGO in Israel for some years now, for example, has selected nine students and made agreements about the loan. The supervision of these students is in the hands of the board of the SANA Foundation. So a number of steps towards the transition have already been taken. The financing is still provided by Friends of Nazareth. Its own SANA website is under construction and plans for fundraising have been made. The first student to be fully funded by the SANA Foundation from repaid loans will begin her studies in September. The final dissolution of the Friends of Nazareth Foundation is scheduled for April 2022, after which formal cases can be completed through the Chamber of Commerce, ANBI recognition and tax authorities.

Bijschrift foto: de eerste Zoom vergadering met de huidige bestuursleden van SANA Foundation, Trees (boven li), en daaronder, Ruud, voorzitter en Sanaa. Rechtsboven, Hanneke en Els, en onder rechts Wil, onze voorzitter.

Photo caption: The first Zoom meeting with the current board members of SANA Foundation, Trees (top left), and below, Ruud, chairman and Sanaa. Top right, Hanneke and Els, and bottom right Wil, our chairman.

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