Waed studied Health management at the Al-Quds Open University in Bethlehem 

Waed working at the Insurance Department in Bethlehem Health Directorate.

I am thankful for this scholarship because it made a big difference in my life not only that it helped me to finish my study but also because the volunteering program gave me a lot

of experience by volunteering and helping in more than one place, dealing with various situations, meeting a new people. Now I am more confident, responsible and active woman, in addition my social life is full of people that I never imagined that I would know them.


Suffering Palestinian people

It is so depressing to see that the Palestinian people suffer from many difficulties in the daily life especially women and kids. I tried my best to help as much as I can, with sincerity

and patience. Volunteering changed my personality for the better and I will never stop helping and developing my society.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity, that was a life-changing for me.

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