To my friends 

My name is Yoad from Nazareth. I was supported by Friends of Nazareth at 1998 to my post graduate study in Psychology. Please let me express my great appreciation to your devotion and work and thank you again for unforgettable moments you shared with us.

Today I am 47 years old. I live in Jerusalem and I am a mother for 2 daughters and one son; my eldest daughter is at her second year of medical study.

I am a Clinical Psychologist ( the only Palestinian female with such a degree in Jerusalem), and along the years I worked with local and international organizations and reached the highest positions in the country in my job.

Nowdays I am the supervisor of all mental health services for Palestinians in Jerusalem under the Israeli Ministry of Health and I teach in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem ( cultural sensitivity course). I am the head of the arab union of psychologists.


Thank you

I believe that the place I've reached was very much due to your generous contrebution and I will never forget the great opportunities you gave to me. Please know that due to people like you the world is a bearable place to live in.

Thank you again from the deepest place of my heart.


Voluntary work

I keep on doing voluntary work to my community exactly as I 've been doing during the scholarship years.


SANA Foundation

I remember we met once at my parents' house and established the first local foundation(SANA Foundation). We had a great motivation to support the academic journey of other women as well.

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